Obtain a group of web developers or digital marketers from diverse companies together and inquire them if responsive design of a site is part of their existing or future plans. Well, you will certainly get lots of companies replying in yes. But although this design is where the majority of people are headed, figures differs radically on how many websites are really responsive now. However, most of the seo Passau agencies are replying in yes, plans are lay down and the number of responsive websites is increasing on daily basis – for a number of good reasons.

In simple words, making use of responsive design definitely makes your site easily watched on any screen size. Though mobile responsiveness is yet a fairly lightweight ranking sign than things like good quality content, we do look forward to the significance to only nurture eventually. A few more reasons to think about going responsive consist of -

Faster Loading Time

Page loading speed is another notorious ranking factor. Responsive design of website doesn’t need a redirection of searches to a specific URL; hence it is faster than a mobile website. Google has previously proved that it is exploiting website speed in internet search positioning, and we look forward to this inclination to only persist. There are a number of online tools that you can exploit to check the loading time of your website.



Responsive design simply makes websites easier to understand for the user, and therefore improves the user experience. The more users who like the website experience, the more will come back. This thing alone is sufficient to know why Google updated its algorithms this year to incorporate mobile friendliness as an important factor.

Reduced Bounce Rate

Search engines understand a higher bounce rate which means that the content was not related to the reader and will reduce your website’s ranking for that reason. Responsive design of your website will facilitate you to show appropriate content that the user is seeking.


Link Building

Creation of links is considered as one of the major tasks for seo Munich managers. Link building is very lengthy and ongoing process to create links from reliable websites. As declared by Moz, from late 1990s, major search engines have presumed links as votes for significance and fame in the continuing autonomous opinion survey of the Internet. While going to a responsive design of site, you can keep all the back links that your main website has.


Less possibilities of Content Duplication

Search engines have a tough time deciding which webpage of replica content to add in search engine result page. If you own a separate mobile website, then you risk owning replica content on the internet and harming your ranks.


Social Share Increase

By having a responsive design, you can have all the social-shares into one website, and at what time a link to your website is shared with someone, it is simply comprehensible on any device.



A website with responsive design costs fewer amounts than having to create a mobile website.


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